Luciano Soprani’s signature will remain indelible in the history of Italian fashion. Born in 1946 in the city of Reggiolo, Italy, he joined fashion community in 1967, choosing as his starting point the company Max Mara. Eight years later, he decides to take the big leap into the arms of the giants Gucci, Nazareno, Basile, etc. Almost 19 years passed, until then Luciano decided to trust his career in his own hands – in his own name. Despite his young age, it is no coincidence that ruling fashion family at that time characterized him as “on par” with Giorgio Armani. The perimeter of his creativity has been extended to the cosmetic area with the now well-known logo SOLO SOPRANI.

Soprani’s shoe collections (SOLO, COUTURE, SPORT) impress with the subtlety with which they manage the balance between the man’s style and the woman’s aura. Affectionate with the femininity of the latter, Soprani Cuture’s product line openly shows its commitment to its genetic relationship with Italian culture, which in turn defends refined masculinity and male dynamism throughout time and with vigor.

Soprani standout for the subtlety that manages the balance between the masculinity of the independent man and the ethereal aura of the elegant, yet dynamic woman.